Vollmer Grinding Interface

vollmer grinding interface 1128x636pxWith the software add-on „Grinding Interface“, we successfully found a way to communicate with a sharpening machine for circular saw blades. Our software solution „Pickup & Return“ as well as our SawControl - S.A.M are able to recognize the circular saw blades and assign them to an ID (RFID or Barcode). Thus, a suitable sharpening program can be selected and provided to the sharpening machine. For the first time, this interface makes a fully automated re-sharpening process of the circular saw blades possible.



1. The tool data can either be entered manually or by scanning an RFID chip installed in the tool in the mask of the software.

1 eingabe der werkzeugparameter eng


2. The decrease amount is internally coupled with the individual services and thus precisely defined.

2 Definition des Abnahmebetrags eng

3. The tool is scanned directly at the data entry station (RFID) and the grinding program is created individually for each tool.

3 Automatische Erstellung eng

4. The saw blades are placed on the loading wagon and driven into the machine. The order of saw blades on the wagon is stored in the system. Thus, a chaotic loading is possible.

4 Beladung des Wagens und der Maschine eng

5. The program can be started. All grinding programs run in the usual way.

5 Start des Programms eng

6. The data is then transferred fully automatically to the iBlade PickUp & Return software.

6 Übertragung der Daten in die Software eng

7. At the end, the data can be optimally evaluated. Thus it is quite easy to read the sharpening costs per tooth. The sharpening service can thus calculate the best possible.

7 Auswertung eng



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