TC 720

System for manual measurement

The TC 720 allows quick and precision measurement of all key data of circular saw blades, which can be saved with the relevant images, printed out and sent directly by e-mail. With the transmitted light method, measurements are made similar to that of a conventional profile projector. By swiveling the camera, measurements can be carried out in three planes and measurements can also be made using the reflected light method. Thus the possibilities of a standard profile projector are exceeded by far. Measurements are performed with 20x / 30x / 60x / 100x / 125x / 145x magnification.

Other applications are possible such as measurements on twist drills, end mills, band saw blades and on mini frame gang saw blades.

The maximum adjustable display detail is 14 x 8 mm (w x h) within 20 times magnification.

This measuring and documentation system is configured for a saw blade diameter of approx. 40 – 860 mm.



Surveying parameters...

- Hook and clearance angle
- Tooth height, tooth height difference, tooth pitch, tooth gullet radius, tooth back radius, etc.
- Chamfer angle, chamfer width, chamfer length and chamfer symmetry
- Depth and length of the chip breaker groove, space between the groove and the outside rim
- Negative rake face angle and chip groove for carbide or cermet tipped thin-cutting saw blades (TK or TA saw blades)

In addition, a purely visual inspection can be performed to look for cracks, edge chipping, soldering problems and discoloration because of a thermical load.