SensBox - Your module for networked production

The SensBox is an innovative product for machine digitalization, enabling an important step towards a networked industry.

The SensBox can be installed and retrofitted in any machine to collect data. When combined with the
iBlade® CutPedia software, it forms a powerful solution that helps your company tackle the challenges of digitization and automation in the machine tool industry.
CutPedia provides numerous modules to support informed decision-making for optimization while reducing manual effort in tool flow to a minimum.



The Analytic module evaluates and visualizes your data in real-time, offering you a wide range of benefits:

- Providing a display of machining parameters (temperature, vibration, power, speed, feed rate, etc.).
- Offering an overview for predictive machine maintenance.
- Conducting an analysis of energy efficiency.
- Presenting an overview of production volume and product quality.
- Outputting tool life, grinding, or cutting times.
- Implementing a machine assistance system for operators.
- Incorporating a tool management system.