Marking laser LB 1000

The iBlade LB1000 is a marking laser for circular saw blades. To work as effectively as possible, the laser has a rotary table. The saw blades can be placed at 17 different positions on the rotary table. Thus, almost all saw blades up to a Ø of 1,000 mm can be lasered. Through the intelligent AFAP system (AFAP-AUTO-FOCUSING-AUTO-POSITIONING), the laser will be automatically focused and positioned. With the help of the new iBlade software, every area of the saw blade can be labeled.


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The operator does not need to wear any special protective equipment to work with the machine. The Class 1 laser housing complies with international specifications and standards.
To provide the highest possible level of safety, the housing of the LB 1000 is completely closed. In addition, the doors have been equipped with a special locking mechanism. As long as the machine is in operation, the doors cannot be opened. The doors must also be locked manually to start the machine.


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To keep the area around the laser as clean as possible, a special extraction system was installed. The laser dust is extracted directly at the laser point via two pipes and discharged out of the machine to the rear.



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LB1000 - Marking laser for circular saw blades

laserbereich deu   LABELLING AREA
Automatic alignment

The saw blades can be marked in a range of maximum 450 mm driveway. For example, with saw blades up to 440 mm in diameter, the upper and lower areas can be lasered in one working step.


variable bereiche deu   VARIABLE AREAS

The labelling fields can be designed completely variable and freely. The combination of logo and text areas can therefore be freely positioned. The software aligns the labelling area fully automatically and adapts the area to the respective diameters.


hoechster durchsatz deu+eng   HIGHEST THROUGHPUT

There are 17 possible holders for loading the machine. For circular saw blades up to Ø 440 mm, 4 blades can be placed on the rotary table at the same time. This avoids unnecessary waiting times and the plate can be fully utilized..


vorteile autofocus   LASER - AUTO-FOCUSING

The laser automatically adapts to the thickness of the saw blade and focuses the laser area fully automatically.


vorteile autoposition   LASER-AUTO-POSITIONING

A calibration run automatically sets up and positions the laser and the marking area.



On the rotary table of the laser are 17 receptacles which are provided for cicular saw blades.
Thus, the machine can be fully utilized and there are no unnecessary waitung times.


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